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Aotearoa ALWAYS represent!

This is probably about the closest I’ll get to being nationalistic…

I had tears of joy and pride rolling down my cheeks as I watched the Maori TV coverage of the demo in Tamaki Makaurau yesterday in solidarity with the Aboriginal Nations in opposition to John Howard’s Invasion of Aboriginal Land. Mad props to the two arrested!

Awesome action people, and great to see the Te Whanganui e Tara posse are organising and a little birdy told me there is whispers of organisation in Outatahi as well.

There was also a fantastic statement from Metiria calling on international solidarity. And so far these groups have come out in support:

Whakaminenga o Te Paatu
Te Ata Tino Toa
Conscious Collaborations-Global Indigenous network
Mana Wahine
Solidarity Union
Socialist Worker (Aotearoa)
Human Rights Project Aotearoa
Wellington Wildcat Anarchist Collective
Aocafe (Aotearoa Cafe)
Green Party Aotearoa/NZ
Radical Youth (Auckland)
IA ImagineNative Action
Us crew in Australia better get our shit together then eh ;)

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land!


Stop The Genocide



Props Ana

Spread the [Love] Money



This is Maria

Maria is 21 years old and single. She lives with her mother and she works in the production of tablecloths, napkins and other embroidered products. She and her mother don’t have their own shop, so they sell their crafts to wholesalers who in turn sell to the Santo Domingo artisan’s market. She also sells special orders to people in the community.

I just loaned Maria $25.

With this loan, she hopes to buy more thread and fabric to increase production and sell in a small shop that is frequented by tourists.

This is called Mutual Aid.  Not Colonial Aid.  Not Corrupt Government Aid.  Not Celebrity Ego Enhancing Aid.  Rather, Actual Aid.

And when this loan is repaid.  I’ll find another Maria.

The money I loaned Maria was from the profits I made from selling my own embroidery.  And that’s about 95% of my profits so far.  So hopefully some of you out there with a slightly higher income can lend some money too.

Cool Kids Alert!

Resistance = protest, standing up for rights of oppressed, whether male or female, free or slave. 

Authority = institutionalized arbiter of law, religion, custom or culture, i.e., Church and State. 

Resistance to authority = Protesting and standing up to authority perceived as unjust and oppressive.

Banker of the year

Love this guy!


For robbin’ the rich…

Whilst SchNEWS doesn’t generally have a very high opinion of bank managers, in the small town of Tauberfranken, Germany, one example of the species, Peter Taubinger, has broken the mold.

Clearly overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the bank-induced social injustice all around him, he set about taking direct action by nicking £1.5 million quid from rich customers’ accounts – and started redistributing it into the overdrafts of more deserving punters like single mothers, pensioners, and those unable to work due to ill health!

It’s no good playing Robin Hood if you grass yourself up though and it all came to an end after Pete turned himself in, realising he couldn’t hide what he’d done. Receiving a 34 month jail sentence he has at least set a tremendous example to banks and their bands of merrymen everywhere!

From SchNEWS

Justice for Mulrunji

I’m not sure why but a part of me still hoped that there would be some justice on this case. An Indigenous man loses his life for what? 40 years on and you would’ve thought that the Queensland Police would have caught on to the fact that Indigenous Australians have the same righs as other citizens. I wonder if he would’ve given a dog more attention if it was calling out in pain…

In solidarity, I totally support this demo. And I call for a Treaty process to be entered into with the people of Palm Island to acknowledge their sovereignty.

Demand Justice for Mulrunji


Mourn for the death of justice in Queensland

Rally, Friday 22 June, 12:30 pm
Steps of the old GPO for a speak out and march to State Parliament

Wear black or I ndige nous colours.

  • Implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in Custody in full!
  • Establish elected community controlled civilian review boards to hold the cops to account
  • No justice on stolen land

Called jointly by Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne and Socialist Alliance
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Burn The Rich!

June 14, 2007

Conference organizer fails to have Yes Men arrested

Text of speech, photos, video:…
GO-EXPO statement:…
Press conference before this event, Friday, Calgary:…
More links at end of release.

Imposters posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC) representatives delivered an outrageous keynote speech to 300 oilmen at GO-EXPO, Canada’s largest oil conference, held at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, today.

The speech was billed beforehand by the GO-EXPO organizers as the major highlight of this year’s conference, which had 20,000 attendees. In it, the “NPC rep” was expected to deliver the long-awaited
conclusions of a study commissioned by US Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. The NPC is headed by former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, who is also the chair of the study. (See link at end.)

In the actual speech, the “NPC rep” announced that current U.S. and Canadian energy policies (notably the massive, carbon-intensive exploitation of Alberta’s oil sands, and the development of liquid coal) are increasing the chances of huge global calamities. But he reassured the audience that in the worst case scenario, the oil industry could “keep fuel flowing” by transforming the billions of people who die into oil.

“We need something like whales, but infinitely more abundant,” said “NPC rep” “Shepard Wolff” (actually Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men), before describing the technology used to render human flesh into a
new Exxon oil product called Vivoleum. 3-D animations of the process brought it to life.

“Vivoleum works in perfect synergy with the continued expansion of fossil fuel production,” noted “Exxon rep” “Florian Osenberg” (Yes Man Mike Bonanno). “With more fossil fuels comes a greater chance of disaster, but that means more feedstock for Vivoleum. Fuel will continue to flow for those of us left.”

The oilmen listened to the lecture with attention, and then lit “commemorative candles” supposedly made of Vivoleum obtained from the flesh of an “Exxon janitor” who died as a result of cleaning up a toxic spill. The audience only reacted when the janitor, in a video tribute, announced that he wished to be transformed into candles after his death, and all became crystal-clear.

At that point, Simon Mellor, Commercial & Business Development Director for the company putting on the event, strode up and physically forced the Yes Men from the stage. As Mellor escorted Bonanno out the door, a dozen journalists surrounded Bichlbaum, who, still in character as “Shepard Wolff,” explained to them the rationale for Vivoleum.

“We’ve got to get ready. After all, fossil fuel development like that of my company is increasing the chances of catastrophic climate change, which could lead to massive calamities, causing migration and conflicts that would likely disable the pipelines and oil wells. Without oil we could no longer produce or transport food, and most of humanity would starve. That would be a tragedy, but at least all those bodies could be turned into fuel for the rest of us.”

“We’re not talking about killing anyone,” added the “NPC rep.” “We’re talking about using them after nature has done the hard work. After all, 150,000 people already die from climate-change related effects every year. That’s only going to go up – maybe way, way up. Will it all go to waste? That would be cruel.”

Security guards then dragged Bichlbaum away from the reporters, and he and Bonanno were detained until Calgary Police Service officers could arrive. The policemen, determining that no major infractions had been committed, permitted the Yes Men to leave.

Canada’s oil sands, along with “liquid coal,” are keystones of Bush’s Energy Security plan. Mining the oil sands is one of the dirtiest forms of oil production and has turned Canada into one of the world’s worst carbon emitters. The production of “liquid coal” has twice the carbon footprint as that of ordinary gasoline. Such technologies increase the likelihood of massive climate catastrophes that will condemn to death untold millions of people, mainly poor.

“If our idea of energy security is to increase the chances of climate calamity, we have a very funny sense of what security really is,” Bonanno said. “While ExxonMobil continues to post record profits, they use their money to persuade governments to do nothing about climate change. This is a crime against humanity.”

“Putting the former Exxon CEO in charge of the NPC, and soliciting his advice on our energy future, is like putting the wolf in charge of the flock,” said “Shepard Wolff” (Bichlbaum). “Exxon has done more damage to the environment and to our chances of survival than any other company on earth. Why should we let them determine our future?”

About the NPC and ExxonMobil: About the NPC and Exon Mobil
About the Alberta oil sands: About Alberta oil sands
About liquid coal: Sierra club on liquid coal

When I grow up I want to be as cool as the Yes Men. (Except I’ll be cooler ’cause I’ll be cross stitching while I do it).

Yeah dude


Mad Props to the Dalai Lama.  What a cool day.

Corporate Spies

So I read that Solid Energy, NZBio and the arms manufacturing industry have been hiring students to pose as activists in Wellington and Christchurch.

In the SST they feature this piece about what Don Elder knew about the recent railway blockade:

Three days before the protest, seemingly out of the blue, Elder gained national media attention saying that delays caused by environmental work (such as removing native snails from mine sites) and protests had been costing the company millions of dollars. When the protest occurred, he stayed away from issues of coal use and climate change and responded that the group was less concerned with protecting the environment and more concerned with disrupting Solid Energy and costing it money.

The protesters “don’t give a second thought about tying up the time and resources of the emergency services as well as the courts”, he said. Christchurch police, fire service and railway staff chimed in with this line.

All this sounds understandable until we know that Solid Energy knew the time and place of the protest in advance and did nothing to stop it.

Um, if Don Elder knew about it, shouldn’t he be charged too? If it is true that he allegedly knew this was all about to happen, then he is an accessory to the crime because he didn’t immediately notify the police.

This behaviour coming from a senior staff member of a SOE, surely is grounds for immediate dismissal.

As for Thompson and Clark, I hope someone is laying a complaint to the police against them also for using private detectives without a license. In complete breach of the law.

As for the two who were employed to partake in this activity, I agree, they shouldn’t be targets here. Sure what they did was pretty feckin crap and for such measley pay! But the real criminals are the people that hired them.

Racist LA cops go nuts on May Day


I want to send out my full solidarity to the families in LA who were brutaly set upon by the LAPD during the May Day demos in support of immigrant workers.

The Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at families and children who couldn’t get out of the way quick enough. One elderly woman was quickly pulled over a fence by a friendly local to help her avoid being trampled. One woman was beaten because she was trying to go back to retrieve her young, and very distressed young child.

Reuters reported it like this:

Later at the city’s MacArthur Park, Los Angeles police cut a rally short after about 80 people began throwing rocks and bottles at police, according to Sgt. R. Kanzaki. Police fired rubber cartridges to disperse the crowd of 3,000 and no arrests were made, he said.

When in reality those people were trying to defend the families, women, young children and the elderly who were trying to escape fully armoured police.

Land of the free my ass.

Revenge of the Pukeko

Yip mad props to the clever pants that made this.


Punk Princess

I got given this ‘interesting’ dress as a present for Tara and decided it just needed a bit of altering…

Anarchist dress

And up close…

Anarchist dress stitching detail

And in action…

Anarchist dress in action

“Smash the Patriarchy!!!!”

Sorry not selling this one.

Mad Crazy Knitting Riots

Yay, so in the weekend I went to the Melbourne Social Forum and was involved with running a workshop on the craft revolution. It was heaps of fun and we all got to learn how to knit with plastic bags!! Totally revolutionary that!!

Plastic Bag Knitters

And I saw that embroidery is certainly catching on around the traps. I met this guy with an amazing embroidered denim suit. I didn’t get a very good photo of it but this will give you an idea…

Suit back

Finally I found this wee piece on the Earthsharing Australia stall. I was pleased to see my ranting about radical cross stitch has been rubbing off on some people I know ;)

Earthsharing Cloud

And I must say the MSF was awesome fun. I learn’t heaps and did some great networking. And had a great time stitching! Can’t wait til next year.

Change the Political Climate: Turn Up The Heat

That’s the theme for this years Melbourne Social Forum.  I highly recommend you go check out what’s on this year cause it’s shaping up really nicely.

You can also meet hot men :)