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I reckon I need to have a wee break from posting for a wee bit cause I am SUPER BUSY right now. But I asure you this site is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. Can you feel it?!? I feel it!!!

In the mean time check out Yahweh, what a god.

Oi! Howard!

I miss Wellington

Restoring my faith in Americans – Almost… (who am I kidding?)

Watch this anyway.  I <3 Mika!

Props Typing Is Not Activism


Props Ana

Nerd break

Thanks to the ‘cool’ guys at Planet Nerd, check Steve Jobs’ entrance at the latest WWDC. OK I’m a sucker for these ads

And while we’re on the subject. I just had to spend two days trying to update Norton on Vista (failed, demanded a refund). And I have to say Vista Sucks So Much Ass!. Seriously, it is so fucking unhelpful I can’t understand how Microsoft has any customers left. And they actually put the product on the market! Insane!

Economics for Dummies

Perfect for a Sunday

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Revenge of the Pukeko

Yip mad props to the clever pants that made this.


World On Fire

Check out this video by Sarah McLachlan (turn sound off 1st if you’re not a fan..).  I won’t spoil the plot but it’s an interesting take on poverty statistics


A dear friend of mine helped make this party invitation. It’s rather amusing, I recommend a view. Apparently it’s beginning to do the rounds amongst American teenagers so who knows, it might be the next YouTube hit…


Kiwi!While still playing around with StumbleUpon I came across Underground Film. There’s heaps of cool stuff there but in particular I just loved Kiwi! by Dony Permedi. Doni isn’t from Aotearoa but managed to capture the essence of ‘kiwi ingenuity’ just beautifully.

I recommend you watch this (not on a dial up though!).  And check out other stuffon Underground Film, let me know if you find anything really worth watching.

Coincidence! Yeah, whatever..

So Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation fame is here promoting the new film (opens Oct 26, I hear it’s very good).  Coincidentally McDonalds are running a ‘don’t worry our food is nice and healthy and the animals we slaughter to make it are killed really nicely and there’s no evil bits added into our food and if you don’t believe us you must be STUPID’ campaign.

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Cool, geeky, Green stuff!

I like saving the planet.  And I like using cool technologies to do it.  That's why I ABSOLUTELY ADORE GREEN TV!

It's still early days for this crew, but I reckon there's some awesome potential there.  I'll certainly be tuning in.

Which kinda reminds me, for those of you wondering what I've been up to in Green land, I'm still there.  Currently working on the organisation of the Global Young Green Convention in Nairobi, Kenya in January next year.  For those of you who are now going 'ooh that sounds like a cool thing!', check out Caroline's blog where she is updating everyone on organisational progress and news about how to get involved.


Where the f**k are ya?

If you haven’t already seen it, go to Downwind Media and check out the spoof ads of the Australian Tourism campaign. Pretty spot on amusing if you ask me!