La la la

I go away for a few days to try and convince myself that the world doesn’t totally suck. And I come back to discover that some ******* ******** has hacked into my blogger account and deleted my blog.


Other than the anoyance of losing archives (a lot of which I had backed up), links and everyone’s wonderful comments, I am not that bothered.

So to whoever it is out there trying to get at me at the moment (this is not an isolated incident), it’s not working. And a short warning, I know my shit a hell of a lot better than you buddy. Watch your back.

And to the rest of you, apologies for the brief loss of transmission. Service will return as normal shortly. I hope to replicate the link list in its entirety but if I miss you out, drop me an email.



2 responses to “La la la

  1. wow, that sucks. some people are just so mindless….

    oh, and yes please on the link – i think you used to link to me.–>

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