Quite depressing

Having received an email notifying me that destruction was beginning on Willis Street (aah technology) I nipped up the road for a look and a bit of a shout at the bastards.

(I missed the earlier excitement.)

I must say that it was pretty depressing to watch, I very nearly cried.

But something I must share with you all.

A friend of mine wrote this and gave his permission for it to be reproduced, so here goes…

Oak park, Inverlochy, Abel Smith, Willis, Kensington, Tonks, Cuba, Arthur…

It’s chopping down a tree to count the rings
It’s holding a mirror’s gaze and telling it it looks fat
It’s sub-dividing the family graveyard
It’s feeding babies to the old people
It’s selling the roots to buy leaves
It’s trading love for money
It’s trading money for love
It’s giving away your hard truth
It’s Just, But, and Should
Selling the water for softdrinks
Selling the land for glass-beads and dvds
Selling the children to buy them a future
It’s a life spent keeping score
It’s every time you say sorry when someone beats you
It’s chopping down a tree to count the rings

Matthew Simcock
December 2004


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