Very interesting idea

Nandor managed to steal Ron Marks thunder on the Goon Squad issue today by proposing an independent prison investigator. And the Prime Minister agreed!

I think this is a bloody brilliant idea. Especially since parliament is in the process of dealing with the legislation to set up an Independent Police Complaints Authority. That legislation got put on hold while the rape inquiry is going on. So now is the perfect opportunity to amend that legislation to set up an IPI as well. This will probably help save costs of prisoners going to court every time they get their human rights trampled on at the very least. Hey, it might even get the 'bad' prison guards to treat them with a bit of respect.

I look forward to seeing how this one progresses.


2 responses to “Very interesting idea

  1. You still haven’t figured out who deleted your blog. I am still watching my back, but you havn’t touched me.

  2. That would have somehting to do with me not caring about immature pranks I guess. I did have everything I wanted to keep backed up so no big loss really.

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