End of temporary lull

Hi all
Not sure if anyone noticed but my posts as of late have been limited to announcements. This has been due to

a) extreme workload
b) a show in the Fringe Festival and
c) whanau crises.
d) moved house.

But anyway, I have a new toy! News which I must share with the world. Bought myself a 12 inch G4 Powerbook and it is so so so serioulsy gorgeous. She does need a name so if anyone has any suggestions, fire them in. So now that I am yet again online at home, I can start wowing you with my deep analysis of the political sitch (/sarcasm).

But not today.

Note that NRT is reading Forty Signs of Rain. Good book, recommend it (finished it last week). I look forward to reading the next one, which will hopefully have a bit more environmental apocolypse porn in it. As is KSR’s style, it is exceptionally wordy (I got bored halfway through Green Mars) and pretty much what I would describe as pop sci fi. But good reading nonetheless and really well researched. For those of you out there wondering what the hell the Greens are on about with all this climate disruption speak (don’t call it climate change BTW, that is a corporate term designed to make the permanent alteration of our ecosystems a good thing), read this book.

I’m currently reading Living My Life by Emma Goldman and it’s fantastic. Truly inspiring stuff.

Back to art, I’d like to plug some Fringe stuff at you.

Firstly, my friend Matthew opens Mihi tonight at Bats theatre. Mihi got rave reviews from the Dunedin Fringe last year and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

Secondly, I’ve heard Bad Manor is supposed to be exceptionally brilliant. Based on the trials and tribulations of a Mt Vic flat.

And for those freaks out there, Freak will be right up your alley.

I’m sure there’s more and it’s all brilliant. I will recommend more as I go and see more. But I must say, I love Fringe. It’s got such an awesome community feel to it, which is really important to maintain in the ‘Creative Capital’. It’s like they say in rugby (mate), you can’t have a strong All Balck side without a strong club level (mate).


2 responses to “End of temporary lull

  1. The powerbook sounds cool.

  2. Oh it SO is. I’m finding it exceptionally difficult to maintain a life right now. All I want to do is play with her 😉

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