Maintenance Update

I finally got my s**t sorted with at home infrastructure and have email functioning again.

Deciding the mac Mail wasn’t functional enough for me, I’ve downloaded Thunderbird. Yay.

So if you want to hassle me about my views and opinions and don’t quite have the conviction of your own opinion to state it publicly, feel free to email you. I make no promises not to then bring the conversation online and intellectually body slam you in full view of the public (oops did I say that out loud?)

I also did another bit of an update on the ol’ sidebar links. Some of you have dropped off, some have ‘stepped it up’ and I wiggled them around a bit for a bit of randomninity. They are in no particular order other than… actually, they’re in no particular order. Maybe if your blog is near the top, you could consider yourself to be a bit of a better/frequent poster.

That’s all.

Having a house warming tonight. Mmm toasty.


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