What the?

Today’s Herald reports a new MFAT travel warning for Indonesia. The Ministry said:

New Zealanders should not travel to Banda Aceh or other parts of Aceh to participate in humanitarian relief efforts unless “the aid organisation they work for has a robust security plan approved by the Indonesian authorities.”

So one of the worst tsunami affected areas which was already dealing with massive oppression by the Indonesian Government and is one of the areas getting the least aid now has the NZ government participating in the military oppression of their people.

There is a supposed cease fire on in Acheh at the moment but all news that is coming out at the moment is reporting any member of the Acheh independence movement who returns to help out is quickly tracked down by the military and then ‘disappear’.

The use of the threat of terrorism is completely ridiculous. The only terrorists in Acheh are the Indonesian Military and for them to say that they will vet any NGO coming into Acheh can only be read as “don’t bother coming if you’re even remotely sympathetic to the Acheh independence movement”.

The NZ Government should not be falling for this bullshit.

There are people in some of the remote villages of Acheh who still haven’t received food and are living off the jungle. They are facing starvation if they don’t die of disease first.

As a New Zealander I am feeling very ashamed of this crap. Write to Phil Goff and tell him how much it sucks.


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