Still need an excuse to watch Maori TV?

As it now takes aim for Oscar glory, don’t miss out on this universal and beautiful story in its tribute screening on Māori Television on Sunday February 27 at 7.45 PM.
TWO CARS ONE NIGHT – directed and written by Taika Waititi – has been nominated for the Short Film (Live Action) award at the glitzy 77th Annual Academy Awards being held at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on Sunday February 27. And, while Waititi and the defender films crew wait with bated breathe for the result, Māori Television will be in full support through broadcasting the film on the night.

TWO CARS ONE NIGHT is an 11-minute tale of first love in the most unlikely of places – the car park of the Te Kaha pub. An endearing and heart-warming comment on the creativity of children, the short film captures the encounters between two boys and a girl as they wait for their parents to come out.

Romeo (Rangi Ngamoki) and his brother Ed (Te Ahiwaru Ngamoki-Richards) share a dark world inhabited by adults and alcohol and as they wait, they meet Polly (Hutini Waikato) – an 11-year-old girl who is also made to wait in the car for her parents.
Romeo – restless and bored – decides to make contact with Polly and what at first seems to be a relationship based on rivalry, soon develops into a close friendship. While bonding over Polly’s ‘diamond’ (plastic) ring, the two children are forced to say their goodbyes. In a poignant moment, Polly gives him the ring as a lasting taonga and as she is whisked away into the night, the question remains. Will these two ever meet again?

TWO CARS ONE NIGHT has already picked up awards at a wide range of international film festivals, including the Best Short Film (Panorama Section) at the Berlin Film Festival 2004, Best Drama at the Aspen Film Festival 2004, Best Short Film at the Hamburg Short Film Festival 2004, Best Fiction Short Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2004 and more.


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