Out of it…

The last few months I have been campaiging in my flesh and bone identity for the “fuck the flag, change the bloody song” campaign. I honestly don’t give a flying toss what the flag looks like. I never wave it and I wouldn’t put in on my pack when I travel (I have a “Capitalism Kills – Kill Capitalism” patch instead – although I acknowledge I would remove that in some countries…).

BUT, I do like the idea of getting a slightly more inspiring song. Especially as I dig singing a hell of a lot more than I dig waving flags.

So anyway, a few months back I mooted the idea with some friends about changing the national anthem to “Home Land & Sea” by Trinity Roots. My argument being:
a) it’s an appropriately worded song
b) it manages to avoid any specific cultural identity type lyrics, be they British, Tangata Whenua, or whatever. Which has it’s benefits only in terms of keeping everyone relatively happy.
c) doesn’t mention religion
d) does mention pride (which I would think is a crucial part of nationalism…)
e) and if you stripped down the complexity of the song and sped it up a bit, it would be incredibly easy to sing.

On the last point I always said “just imagine a stadium full of people singing it before an All Black match!”. I for one get shivers just imagining it (except it would probably be an event other than an All Black match where I would get that experience).

So imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered this post on Fighting Talk, discussing that very idea. Now I have no idea who Lyndon is (but much respect to ya brother, enjoy your writing), but I was pleased to see the idea propogating.

Must be time for some high profile celebrities, some rich backers, a cool website, a referendum and there’s a campaign on the roll!


4 responses to “Out of it…

  1. I’d suggest any song by Deja Voodoo – especially “P” – sample lyric:
    “I smoked dope and didn’t cough,
    I smoked P and I didn’t cut anyone’s hands off”

  2. Mmm I’m sure that would go down really well with the RSA ;o)

  3. While I love Home, Land & Sea and Trinity in general, I don’t think it would fit as an anthem – look at the lyrics and what the song is about (ie – foreign ownership of NZ land). It’s a bit of a narrow topic to base an anthem on.

    My vote goes to Dark Tower’s song, Zealman

  4. First, I’d really love to see ‘God Save the Queen’ abolished. Ok, not nearly as exciting…

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