Another great day for the lesbian feminist takeover

Congratulations to Maragaret Wilson for becoming this country’s first woman Speaker.
Newstalk report as follows:

Women now occupy the three top political jobs in the country, with the election of Margaret Wilson as the country’s first female Speaker of Parliament.

Ms Wilson has had a meteoric rise to the top, becoming a Cabinet Minister on entering Parliament just over five years ago and now being elevated to Parliament’s top job.

She says outgoing Speaker Jonathan Hunt gave her two cards, a yellow one and a red one, with which she says she is familiar.

As a keen follower of sport she says she has a growing sympathy and respect for referees, and she will use the cards with judgement.

The other two top jobs are, of course, held by Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

It was a three way vote in Parliament this afternoon for the Speaker’s job but the outcome was never in doubt.

Ms Wilson, a former professor of law before entering Government, was elected with a clear majority over National’s Clem Simich and ACT’s Ken Shirley.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says Ms Wilson’s succession to the Speaker’s job is a significant one.

She says Ms Wilson is the country’s first woman Speaker in a nation where there are not many firsts left for women to achieve.

Cross-party MPs have congratulated Margaret Wilson.

Greens co-leader Rod Donald says her election is a milestone in New Zealand’s evolution as a democracy.

National’s Don Brash described the number of women in top jobs as an impressive list of extraordinary women.

ACT’s Rodney Hide feared for the future of the male of the species, joking that he hopes Ms Wilson still sees a place for men in the House.

And Progressive’s Jim Anderton pondered an inferiority complex.

Margaret Wilson will reconvene the House for the first time on Tuesday.

I for one am really stoked to see Margaret in this role. She is an amazingly staunch woman, ardent feminist, brilliant academic, and has an absolute cracker of a sense of humour.

Poor Rodney for being worried, he should be!

One step closer to smashing the patriarchy…


One response to “Another great day for the lesbian feminist takeover

  1. Feminists are stupid - throw rocks at them

    Are you a Darwinist?

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