Are you an activist?

This guy isn’t.


AAA posted an article on Indymedia about this guy’s attempts to infiltrate various activist circles.

While we may think we have a democratic right to protest in this country, the police still think they have a state given right to engage in constant surveillance and harrassment.

Oh but don’t worry if you’re concerned about the decline of morals in our society, or an overbearing tax burden. They’ll leave you well alone. If you’re into challenging the status quo however…


2 responses to “Are you an activist?

  1. Cheers for the link.

    According to the Police website, the Threat Assessment Unit “investigates threats against police staff, judges and court staff and other investigative agency staff. They respond to counter-terrorist threats or situations. The unit also collects and analyses potential threats to New Zealand and visiting government politicians and officials.”

    So where was the potential threat? Brian Tamaki or the topless protestors?

    Contrast this with the SIS’s remit: ” (T)he Service may not, and does not, investigate people because they take part in legal protest activities, or disagree with the Government of the day.”

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  2. Might be worth asking some parliamentary questions on this one…

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