Does anyone bother using explorer anymore?

Slowly plugging my way through the list of things to do to my computer (her name’s Max by the way) and got to the action item titled ‘download Firefox’. OMG it rules.

If you aren’t using it, you’re mad.

Download it now!


5 responses to “Does anyone bother using explorer anymore?

  1. No IE or OE at all for me for a long time now. Firefox and Thunderbird are so much better.

  2. Firefox is a lot better than IE. The extentions are great, I block ads including the flash animation ones now. IE has a lot to do to get to the same level.
    Indeed even Homer Simpson uses Firefos (well some form of tab browser).

  3. I use Opera 8 generally, with FireFox as my second browser.

    Opera just “feels” better, to me, and according to, it’s faster as well.

  4. Welcome aboard – one never goes back!

  5. Just about to say “welcome aboard … & David’s said it already.

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