Talking about denying history

Lyndon Hood has a damn fine piece of witty writing over on Fighting Talk about this fullah who had a bit of a crap time getting in and out of Canada when he kept insisting on being a holocoust-denying raving anti-semitic. I’m enjoying Lyndon’s writing, keep it up dude.

Anyway, he does raise an interesting point that one day we’re going to have to find ways of dealing with our own hating liars that doesn’t make martyrs of them. It’s a good point. I mean, I can’t wait until the day when this nation finally fully grows up, recognises our colonialist heritage, starts properly learning our history, and founds a nation based upon Te Tiriti o Waitangi. (Think that might be white-liberal secret code for a revolution, shhh!). But the good question is what happens then to the people who fell through the cracks? What happens to the Littlewood Treaty supporters and the determined rednecks. You can’t stop them from thinking dumb-ass stuff but then neither can you punish them.

It’s a type of discussion that raises up that lovely split in the left between the socialists and the anarchists/libertarians. Force them to do it, or create a society where they wouldn’t even consider it (ask yourself which is more oppressive?). Or do we just continue to have a free-speech based society where people can stand up and say somehting stupid and just get laughed at.

Personally, I advocate a restoration of a bit of traditional english culture and introduce public spaces in any town or city that wants one. Get them designed by local unemployed artists so they are beautiful places to hang out in. Bring back the tradition of people getting up and having their say in a public space. Without the need for politicians, media or the permission of city councils (you listening Kerry?). The main thing this nation is lacking is a bit of theatre, a bit more dialogue and a bit more costume would be nice..


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