Relationships Bill

The Relationships (Statutory References) Bill is currently going through the third and final reading. Vote expected to take place any time soon. I will post the vote when it goes through.

The speeches have been relatively entertaining, and remarkably factual! After the Civil Union Bill posturing, I was pleased to hear a number of MPs actually discussing the changes in the Bill from second to third reading.

Sue Bradford’s speech was particularly good. I will post the link to it when it’s on the Green Party website. It’s worth a read for a chuckle.

Paul Adams made me laugh, he sounded just like he was preaching to a congregation; pontificating about how we’ll all go to hell if this goes through and about how this Bill will destroy all the great heterosexual marriage relationships in this country. Bollocks. If the passage of a piece of law that does not take away any rights whatsoever can really destroy a marriage, it can’t have been a very strong relationship to begin with…

Anyway, vote count coming soon.

Relationships Bill has gone through 76 for, 44 against.

I didn’t quite get this but I now do… They split the Bill up and every amendement to other pieces of legislation is getting voted on individually eg couples and GST, couples and nose picking etc *yawn*. It will take hours. They have been going since about 5.45pm and I don’t know how much longer it will go for, but hope they’re not planning on doing much else this week. Cause it’s a personal vote, each vote takes about 10 minutes…

There was 26 amendments. I think they got through before the House rose at 10, but I lost interest… I’ll find out tomorrow if there was anything exciting in the voting, although I do doubt it.


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