Where are you marching this Saturday?

Saturday is the Global Day of Action to mark the 2nd Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq. There are amazing events going on all over the world which you can read about at the global campaign site. To find out what you can do here, check the Indymedia site.


I for one, will definitely be marching in Wellington. I received my monthly email from International Youth Parliament this week which always features reports from the Action Partners around the world. The contribution from an Action Partner in Iraq was both humbling and inspiring.

Nour Mosawy, OIYP 2004 Action Partner, Iraq.I have been facing lots of changes in our conditions here, every day is a different day in predictions, hopes and futures from the day before! Every day is different with its fears, hopes, dreams and prayers from yesterday.

My action plan is now more directed towards youth empowerment of medical students, mostly to obtain the goals needed in health development. Water treatment requires lots of money to be spent, with no guarantees for sustainability as the situation is not yet settled and we don’t know where bombs will be!!!!

I would like to send medical students to medical conferences to get to participate and learn about the methods of achieving health projects, especially directed towards the Millenium Development Goals, as water improvement is one of these goals.

It’s always amazing to read about how people still manage to stay focussed and positive, even when the empire is bombing the hell out of your country. Yay for youth I say!


4 responses to “Where are you marching this Saturday?

  1. I’ll be at the march too, will see you there (well, perhaps not literally, seeing as I don’t know who you really are or what you look like)

  2. Aah woman of mystery I am! Would be good to meet you, need to follow up on a discussion we haven’t started yet…

  3. I think I know who kakariki is, but on the other hand I am often wrong 🙂

    I can totally understand why many people were against the war in Iraq. I think one can honestly agree to disagree on whether it was a good idea.

    But I must say I am amazed how people think it would in any way be good for the Iraqi people to have the US pull out overnight and have the country descend into civil war.

    The US is keen to get out asap, but the Iraqi police do not have enough people yet. The vats majority of the elected Iraqi Parliament support the US staying until local authorities can take over. Opinion polls have shown most of the populace agree.

    So why would one support acting against the wishes of the Iraqi people?

    Like I said I have no problem if people are protesting that the war should nopt have happened, but calling for the US to pull out asap is to my mind saying that one will put anti-americanism ahead of what is best for the Iraqis.

  4. kakariki – Good point (on the discussion), check your email.

    David – I can definately see where you are coming from. It’s something I’ve wanted to post on at a bit more length at L&L. Hopefully I’ll get the chance sometime soon.

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