The List

Jordan has the List.

I apologise, I thought I was interested.

What I am interested in knowing though is what their selection process is. I did read somewhere that there was 37 people on the committee (can you imagine being on that committee? It would be about as mind numbing as writing the code for a programme to determine how quickly paint dries…). But if anyone can answer the question of how their process works, I would be quite interested in that.

UPDATE Six days have passed and noone can tell me what the Labour list selection process is, must be really open and democratic…


One response to “The List

  1. Yep the committe is that big. It has reps from all over the party – caucus, ex-officios (ie Leader, President, etc), regions (of which I think there are 6 and I think most regions get more than one rep), sectors (young labour got 2, rainbow network, pasifika, maori, etc), union reps (only TWO folks), not sure who else.

    How it works (roughly, I’m not a member so I’m not totally sure) is that people are nominated to the list by their branches. They are then sorted into regions (geographically based) and each region will have a List Conference where it ranks only the nominees in their region. This will include MPs. However this year the MPs had decided to go on caucus rankings so they weren’t actually ranked by the regional conferences.

    Each person who wants to go for a slot on the regional list seeks nomination for it and then has to fight it out with others for that spot. This happens for every spot at the regional list conferences.

    Once the regional lists are finalised the National List Moderating Committee meets (the people on it are chosen democratically by the relevant group who they represent) and thrashes out.

    But the reality is that Helen has a v big say indeed.

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