That Foundation with so much membership…

I was rather amused to hear that the notorious Flannagans have reinvented themselves as a Foundation.

I have such fond memories of those two from when I was a young student at Waikato University. My favourite memory would have to be having Mr Flannagan tutor one of classes in Social and Moral Philosophy. When we covered the abortion topic, we had the lovely delight of having Matthew's Masters paper as our compulsory reading (which I wish I still had a copy of…). Anyway, in my enthusiastic, first-year naievity I assumed that my essay on the topic would be marked on the merits of my argument, not whether I agreed with my tutor or not. Silly me.

Incidentally, this was just after the scandal errupted after the Flannagans went to the States to protest against abortion, alledgedly using student union funds, but I can't quite remember the details of that one.

I remember a couple of years ago running into some execcies from OUSA and they said to me 'hey, have you ever heard of the Flannagan's?', I chuckled and said 'yeah, why?' to which they replied 'they've moved to Dunedin…'. I think I managed to stop laughing long enough to console them and wish them luck..

And again talking about Dunedin, I have not yet said how impressed I am by the Critic website. Take note other student mags, this site is great.


One response to “That Foundation with so much membership…

  1. I would be happy to forward a copy of my paper which you read as compulsory reading for Social and Moral Philosophy at Waikato University.

    It was not my Masters paper but a post-grad work in Health Ethics. Dr Al Gunn approached me and asked me if it could be included in Social and Moral philosophy as one of many required readings for the abortion section of the course.

    I most strongly object to your claim that I did not mark your paper on the merits of your argument. I suggest you take your copy of your paper to Dr Al Gunn who is head of the Philosophy department and repeat your claims to him and ask him to assess your work and my marking of it to see if I was biased.

    The appropriate thing for you to do if you felt I marked you unfairly would have been to either take it up with me at the time or go over my head and have your paper remarked. Slandering me on your blog 6 years later is not the appropriate way of dealing with it.

    I stand by my marking, I am happy to have you take it to someone in the Waikato Philosophy department who is qualified to assess its fairness. I respectfully ask you to retract your comments unless you have independant evidence that proves you are correct. Maligning my work ethics in such a fashion is a very serious action.

    Matthew Flannagan

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