Advice from a front bum

I have resisted discussing John Tamihere's inability to pull his foot out of his mouth. Personally, the man makes my skin crawl. I have had a bit to do with him and every time I have been near him I have felt suffocated by his room-filling ego. So that's my attempt at a disclaimer before I say, can we get rid of him now?

Now, I think he should have been removed from cabinet when he engaged in that whole black fullah, fat fullah, pimple-faced fullah (whatever) spat with Brownlee at the beginning of last year. At the time JT was Minister for Youth Affairs, so theoretically should be setting a positive example for young people. And given that bullying is one of the biggest factors of youth suicide, the Minister of Youth Affairs should be expected to maintain the HIGHEST level of behaviour in the House.

So now he's gone and offended every sector group imaginable (oh no, he didn't make fun of people with disabilities, yet), I for one, am looking forward to seeing the back of him.

JT was great with the Waipareira Trust. I have the upmost respect for the work he was doing there. However, JT is crap as a politician, and until he learns a bit of humility will only continue to have a career in parliamentary politics if he joins the National Party. Which he may as well given the nature of some of his comments as of late.

So my advice John:
Go back to your roots, go amongst your community and remind yourself what it's all about. Go sit on the beach and breathe some fresh air. Go sit in a forest surrounded in mighty podocarps and feel the strength of age and patience. Open your heart and the world will love you for it.


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