Demonstrations to get involved with

Demonstrate your inner softie

For those of you who can only go to protests if it's about something warm and fluffy…

Protest Against The Canadian Seal Hunt

This week, hundreds of thousands of baby seals will be clubbed, shot and skinned by canadian fisherman eager to make a profit by selling their fur. Most of the seals are under 3 months old when they are clubbed or shot to death. Many are skinned while they are still alive.

Canada has continued to support this barbaric hunt despite world wide opposition. Animal rights activists who attempt to expose the cruelty by filming the hunt are being arrested while the hunt continues.

Its time to show the Canadian government what we think of the mass murder of seals.

Noon, Tuesday 12th April 2005
Canadian High Commission,
61 Molesworth Street, Wellington

For info on the protest contact Mark at Wellington Animal Rights Network, 04 385 6728 or 021 073 8114

More info on the seal hunt
Sea Shepherd
Boycott Canada
Protect Seals

Demonstrate your inner class war freedom fighter

For those of you who are either a) health workers or b) quite like health workers being healthy and happy…

Next Wednesday 13 April NUPE rally for 30% catch-up for all health workers on corner of Bowen St and Lambton Quay then march up to Parliament 12 15 to 12 45 to give a letter to Helen Clark.

See you there if you can come along and support our Wellington NUPE health workers. It is the same argument for all State workers!

Demonstrate your inner hippy

For those of you who believe we don't have time to sit around waiting for a global oil crisis to happen, we need to start living sustainably now (oh, and live in Island Bay)…


When: Thursday, April 28th @ 7 pm
Where: Home of Compassion, Marcel Lounge
2 Rhine St. (off Murray St.)
Island Bay

Common Ground Community Gardens Public Meeting

Interested in helping set up a Community Garden and Sustainability Education Centre here in Wellington?

Committed to Wellington becoming a model city?

Interested in learning more about sustainable land use design and organic food production?

Looking for an opportunity to grow food with others?

If any of these sound like you then come and co-create with us !!!

On Thursday April 28th we are holding a public meeting to help establish a community of people committed to developing a community permaculture garden and Sustainability Education Centre at Home of Compassion in Island Bay. If you are interested or
just curious please come along. Everyone is welcome !!!

Demonstrate your inner sloth

For those that don't give a toss about anyone or anything anywhere, please spend every night between now and the end of your life, on the couch watching tv, concerning yourself with such crucial matters like who's screwing who on Shortland Street.

Note: the above demonstration is exceptionally important if you have no interest in leaving this planet in a state where our grandchildren have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean food to eat and freedom to play.


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