Bring Back Birds!

OK my new campaign of the day.

I just read a LTE in the Herald that bemoans the loss of the bird call on National Radio. If this is true, I'm outraged! Bring Back the Birds! As an urban dweller, it's about the only chance I get to hear native birds. And when I actually do get anywhere native bush, it has helped with my bird identification.

Bloody hell, what's the world coming to?


3 responses to “Bring Back Birds!

  1. I heard a takahe this morning…

  2. Yeah same. I’ve come to the conclusion that either a) the person that wrote that letter was deaf or b) together with aforementioned letter writer, a major campaign was sparked and national radio have reinstalled nature for our aural pleasure.

  3. Appparently it’s just a proposal…all part of a major reformatting of Nat Rad to make it more hip, less square (what’s square about bird calls ??)…the shake up will include more sport, ugh! But they’re gonna poll listeners before they get rid of the chirp chirps…

    nice blog 🙂

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