There’s a global oil crisis stupid!

Sorry for quietness at my end, recovered from injury, now have the flu *sigh*

OK but I was walking through town earlier and I saw something that really raised my ire. There’s a new advertising service in Wellington (well, not sure how new) called AdonWheels and it makes me so angry.

As a society, we are absolutely crap at efficient use of energy but this is just blatantly stupid. Driving around a vehicle not to deliver goods or people (which is a reasonably acceptable use of a fossil-fuel driven vehicle – for now) but to advertise stuff? Like we don’t have enough advertising in our faces as it is, this is taking it too far IMHO. What really bothers me is that companies are actually paying for this service.

Also, they say this on their website:

The services we offer includes:

Customised Locations and Time Schedule

The locations where our billboards are parked and the time-schedule are customized as per your campaign needs. We use pedestrian and vehicle statistics of respective cities to suggest the most suitable time schedule and locations for your campaign.

Does this mean they drive around during peak hour traffic, further adding to congestion on roads? I wouldn’t be happy about that either if I was a car owner, especially in Auckland.

So, my suggestion is: next time you see one of these vehicles cruising around, note what company is advertising on it and ring them and tell them that you do not appreciate them using such an environmentaly damaging form of advertising. And not only are you going to not use their services until they desist, but you will also be telling all of your friends to do the same. Don’t be agressive about it, in fact be exceptionally polite about it. Just tell them you’re a concerned consumer. Give them you’re phone number so they can let you know when they’ve cancelled the contract. Also, if it’s a company that you can be a patron of eg a restaurant or something, go out for dinner there after they cancel the contract and thank them for having a conscience.

From their website they say Your ad is sure to become a talking point! so let’s make it one, even if it’s not the way this company was expecting.

Finally to the people at AdonWheels, sorry, I’m sure you’re really nice people and this is nothing personal. But I think you should try a new approach; one that’s a bit more smart.



One response to “There’s a global oil crisis stupid!

  1. Nice idea. I’m in Auckland and there’s heaps of them. I will try this and see what happens.

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