I have Hope – how about you?

The Green Party and LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa have collaborated yet again on the fourth and final Green Room album, Green Room 004: Hope. And it rocks.

I managed to get my hands on a pre-release version and have been listening to it non-stop. Especially since it has my favourite song of all time (and sums up the reason I do politics) Hope by Fat Freddy’s Drop on it. I am particularly impressed with Nandor’s new track. Ten steps above the last one in terms of lyrical strength but the message is still strong, political and positive. You can listen to it here (MP3 4.8MB).

There’s rumours circulating of a couple of really good launch gigs coming up too, I’ll post more when I get some more details.

Go out and buy it, it’s in stores today.

Sorry should have put this here when I did the post, but to answer Greg…

Green Room 004: Hope

1. All We Be : Trinity Roots
2. Burning : Kora
3. Swans : Rhombus
4. Dust : Recloose feat Jo Dukie
5. Forward Dub : Cornerstone Roots
6. Immortal Lion : Confucius
7. One of Those Days : Illphonics
8. In Your Hands : Opensouls
9. Sylphlike : Solaa feat Ladi6
10. Child Standing : Hollie Smith
11. Turn It Around : Fly My Pretties
12. My Absolution : Rhian Sheehan
13. St Kevin : Phoenix Foundation
14. Hope : Fat Freddy’s Drop
15. One Inity : Nandor and Module

(Please send my links if any of these bands have websites that I couldn’t find from a quick google search – ta)


3 responses to “I have Hope – how about you?

  1. I love Fat Freddy’s Drop. They are one of the best bands around, and are incredible live. What else is on the CD? The first Greenroom was good, but the other two were disappointing for me.

  2. Another one, cool! Great lineup too.

    I disagree with Greg I thought that number two was a bit *girly* but that was the point and I still like it, has more power. I thought number three was amazing and totally stepped it up a notch from the first two. I’m off to buy this one now!

  3. Gotta say this looks like a truly awesome album.

    Fat Freddies quite literally changed my life.
    And there’s nothing like Hope to drag up when I’m down…

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