What a weekend – really!

OK so I didn’t jinx the weekend by hyping it up before it started, yay!

Dragged myself out on Friday night to see Straight Jacket Fits and it was AMAZING! The audience was a good mix too, old and young. What impressed me was the number of people who I spoke to who hadn’t actually heard of them! What they were doing there was beyond me but good to see people there after new experiences.

So it was a fantastic gig and great to hear some old classics. Talking to some of the band members afterwards confirmed they’d enjoyed it as much as the audience.

Thanks guys, you’re fuckin legends and the tour is a bloody brilliant idea.

Rock and fucking roll!

Next stop in the weekend has been the May Day activities. I went to the PGA hui and 128 workshops yesterday which were all very interesting and useful. Good to see such a positive strong spirit in the activist community in Wellington. May it live on and strengthen!

Last night was the Cake Shop fundraiser party at Thistle Hall. I wasn’t there for very long cause I was too tired and sick and had to go home and drink hot tea and sit up for hours talking about the state of the universe. But I hear there was a decent turnout and money was raised, so yay!

And of course the piece de resistance was the May Day march through town today. A couple of hundered turned up and there was HEAPS of noise! There were a number of stops along the way at particular businesses where workers are going through actions and a number of people spoke. The march finished at Thistle Hall where the anarchists sang a wee song for the state before they smashed it – ‘it’ being a wonderfully constructed cardboard model of the beehive.

Then everyone piled into Thistle Hall for free kai from Food Not Bombs, yay for revolutionary snacks!

Apparently things didn’t go quite so smoothly in Auckland. Kia kaha to the crew up there.

And if you’re in Wellington and have nothing to do tonight, the Freedom Shop anarchist bookshop is celebrating 10 years at Thistle Hall tonight with some really good musicians playing. It will be worth going to. Worth celebrating too. 10 years of re-educating the public and supporting anarchist organisation in Wellington. Now that’s community!


3 responses to “What a weekend – really!

  1. Aw, so proud of little bro in Auckland… pity about the arrests though!

  2. Freedom Shop party was much fun – a nice chilled atmosphere, and pirate songs are always great.

  3. Hell yeah, more pirate songs I reckon. Bum I was tired and had to leave before they finished :o(

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