I’m not a prohibitionist but…

If there’s going to be a law against anything it should be against BOTH of your heaters crapping out at the beginning of winter. (It was fun, there was sparks!)

No, can’t ban that, it would be silly.

So instead let’s take a harm reduction approach to keeping kakariki warm.

I need a new heater, but I want one that is cheap to run, energy efficient, is made by happy workers and doesn’t destory too many eco systems in the process of constructing it.

Is there a ethical heater purchasing expert out there?

Is it cheaper to run electric bar heaters or oil heaters?

Can you buy heaters made in NZ, or failing that Australia?

C’mon kids, help me keep warm and ethical!


5 responses to “I’m not a prohibitionist but…

  1. The best fit for your criteria is a hottie (hot water bottle. The other sort of hottie isn’t cheap to run)

    Blanket Man recommends newspaper, although this is more an insulator than a heater.

  2. Yeah, good point. However, warming me is not the only purpose of a heater for me. It also warms the other people I live with, and it helps dry clothes since I’m never home during the day to hang them outside (and we all know what Wellington winters are like). I figure if I have a heater, it warms me, my flatmates and my clothes therefore more energy efficient!

  3. The most efficient heaters are called heat pumps. All other heaters convert kilowatts to heat at the same efficiency. But heat pumps generate three times as much heat for the power they consume! They work on a similar principle to a fridge, but in reverse. Sadly they cost $3500 to install – argh!

    Most info at the NZ Consumer website – Choosing A Heater and Heat Pumps

    Of course, “energy efficient” is not necessarily good for the environment. But it’s a start!

  4. A computer (actually any piece of electrical equipment) is also a 100% efficient heater! All the energy turns to heat.

    BTW, I lived in a 3rd floor flat in chilly old London and ran my central heating for about two weeks a year at most. The rest of the time heat from other flats and people kept the place warm.

  5. Hmm, don’t have $3500, and I don’t own the house either so don’t really want to go installing anything. I’ll check out the Consumer website (nned to do measurements) and see what it comes up with.


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