Still recovering

OK so on Friday night I went to the Green Room 004: Hope CD release party at Indigo. It was amazing!

The presales sold out the morning before so there were people lining up outside the venue an hour before the doors opened. And once the door sales went there was still a line of 50 or so people waiting outside for ages trying to get in. I heard at least one person who turned up with a ticket managed to sell it to someone in line for $50. That’s ridiculous!

But so worth it.

The gig was magical.

I have not felt so many warm fuzzys in ages. And the gig was tremendous. Holy wowed us all with her amazing vocal range and soul. Kora rocked I thought the speaker stand I was leaning against would fall over. They started with Burning, their track off the album and they couldn’t have planned that any better, the crowd response was awesome. The highlight was of course their performance of Politician, and they made it pretty clear to the audience that politicians weren’t the only target of their message “are you going to make the right decision?”.

But the biggest highlight of the night for me was seeing Dallas from Trinity Roots, Kora and Hollie having a big jam together. Everyone in the audience knew they were witnessing something pretty damn special and probably something never to be seen again.

Big ups to all the people who made the night possible.

La la la, I’m going to be floating on this one for at least two weeks…


2 responses to “Still recovering

  1. Sounds lovely! I look forward to seeing Kora again soon. And I hear there’s an album planned…

  2. A little birdie tells me they’re probably back in July…

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