Protest Bush

Got this in the email today, tell your friends…

Wed 1 June 2005 Biggest world protest against Bush

Be part of a coordinated effort to remove Bush. Hit the media and politicians hard. Try it !

This will be the world’s biggest protest against Bush. All of us will speak with ‘ONE VERY LOUD VOICE’ via millions of emails to all American media news desks and politicians on Wed 1 June 2005.

I’ve already contacted hundreds of activist organisations across the world but need your help NOW !!!

1. Email everyone you know asking them to email everyone they know (blind copy them if you like and aim for local and overseas people).

2. Your email tells everyone to contact media and politicians on Wed 1 June 2005 requesting that Bush (a) Face charges of war crimes, (b) Be thoroughly investigated for conflict of interest and abuse of position with personal financial interests in Middle East pipelines and military equipment manufacturers.

3. For Wed 1 June 2005, email addresses of hundreds of American media news desks and politicians are listed at Media News Desks or Rumor Mill News

4. Write the date on your calendar !

5. You can also sign an on-line petition to impeach George Bush at Vote To Impeach or Nader’s impeach petition

You have support: In a poll of 22,000 people across 21 countries, 58% expected Bush to have a negative impact on peace and security, only 26% considered him a positive force, and dislike of Bush is translating into dislike of Americans in general.


2 responses to “Protest Bush

  1. and the protest in Wellington is where and when?

  2. Um, did you read that post? It’s an electronic campaign, you do it by email.

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