IT moment

The Denizen has a good analysis on the Telecon hack. If you don’t understand who the bad guys are in this situation, read it. If you still don’t get it, maybe try reading the entire back catalogue of 2600 As an aside, the latest issue is pretty good, I now know more than I ever needed to know about magnetic strip readers…

And the finalysts have been anounced for the Computerworld Excellence Awards 2005. Interesting lineup, I know about a number of the finalists and there are some stonking projects up for awards. Good to see that we have some creative people out there, yay for them! Now how to get an invite to the awards…

Oh and note to IT spokespeople for political parties. There is a technological invention called EMAIL. If you READ IT you may find out some INTERESTING THINGS. You may also like to encourage your SECRETARIES to learn this VALUABLE SKILL.



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