UK corporates want environment guidance

WorldChanging has this extremely interesting story. So the heads of the 12 biggest companies in the United Kingdom can figure out that climate change is a) not bullshit b) something worth worrying about and c) something definitely worth planning around and they’re calling on the Government to do something about it! I wonder if the UK Greens have picked their jaws off the ground yet?

This is the best quote, thier biggest concern is how they:

“as business leaders can help bridge the gap between today’s economy and the radically different low-carbon future that will be needed”

Now can you imagine our top 5, let alone top 12 corporates coming out with anything like that? No instead all we get is “carbon tax is bad for growth”. We like to think we’re a radical nation but sometimes we’re miles off the pace.


2 responses to “UK corporates want environment guidance

  1. I think most Greens agree that a carbon tax will slow growth, and they are gleeful about it. Many people are not Green precisely because they don’t agree that growth=evil. Growth usually means more jobs, and more jobs available with a constant population usually results in higher wages. Hard to argue with that.

    The issue you raise about the companies in the UK shows a different perspective, though. With or without any punitive carbon tax, they recognise growth opportunities in a fossil-fuel-free economic environment. I am very happy they have come to this conclusion.

  2. I don’t think the Greens believe growth=evil, that is how they are portrayed sure, but not accurate. I once heard Jeanette use the analogy of a garden:
    You can have a garden that’s growing lots of plants really quickly doesn’t matter that they’re all weeds that are draining the nutrients out of the soil and choking other plants OR you can have a garden thats growing a bit slower but contains plants that provide food, flowers and a diverse ecosystem. The choice is growth for growths sake or smart growth. The Greens argue for the latter.

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