Off with his head!

I’m not one to agree with most calls for resignation but the Maori Party is right, these comments are completely unnacceptable for anyone to make, let alone someone in that position.

Fire him. Now.


2 responses to “Off with his head!

  1. which comments in particular do you think are “completely unnacceptable for anyone to make”? isn’t that a bit fascist?

  2. OK sorry, I will clarify that these comments are completely unnacceptable for anyone to make in that position. I wouldn’t have had too much of a problem with these generalisations if he had of included pakeha in those generalisations. I didn’t hear him saying ‘white NZers came in, signed a document to clarify the rules of engagement and then spent the next 165 years breaking them, declaring war on groups of indigenous people, using legislation to confiscate their rights and outlaw large parts of their culture etc etc….’ But he didn’t. It is unnacceptable to use large sweeping derogatory generalisations on groups of people when being a state representative. Especially if you are going to conveniently neglet to apply those same generalisations to the colonisers.

    I was a bit sad to hear that Kelly won’t be able to come to Sonja Davies’ service as a result of these comments but it probably serves him right. From what I know of Sonja, she would have been furious at what he said. Karma eh?

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