Watch, Ride and Report

Watch, Ride and Report
Originally uploaded by kakariki.

This poster from a train in Maryland US. You can’t help but laugh at the use of imagery in this poster. The designer either a) has no imagination whatsoever or b) is pissing their pants laughing at the stupidty of patriotism…


3 responses to “Watch, Ride and Report

  1. Utterly appropriate in my view that they choose Soviet style imagery – the USA *is* the new Soviet Union.

  2. This is too much! Reminds me of the BUY WAR BONDS posters of the Second World War.
    Rich got it right, though. Uncle George W is trying to turn this place into another USSR….USSA maybe?
    Kick that happy son-of-a-bitch out of office. We need another JFK.

  3. He he, isn’t irony a wonderful thing? Although exceptionally dangerous when even the citizens of this ‘fine’ nation don’t see the irony for themselves…

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