New book for hippies

The Australian edition of Greeniology is now available digitally as an ‘eBook’. To buy the Australian eBook edition visit the Greeniology page on the digital bookstore site.

Greeniology is the definitive ‘how to help the environment’ guide, written by sustainable living expert and Planet Ark campaigner Tanya Ha. It’s a fun, practical, accessible and informative guide to greener living in Canada. It also features a foreword written by respected Canadian environmentalist Severn Cullis-Suzuki and contains useful advice and contacts locally relevant for Canadians.

More info

For more information and to read reviews of Greeniology


4 responses to “New book for hippies

  1. yo possum ..
    shouldn’t your heading read dysfunctional world implying disordered function, rather than “disfunctional” implying no function.

  2. these here kakariki things, ? are they any good to eat?

  3. Bloody hell!
    How long have I had this blog and you’re the first person to point that out! I hadn’t even noticed! Holy crapola Batman!

    Thanks for making my day :o)

    And no, kakariki aint that good eating.

  4. hmm but do I change it…

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