Howz about this kid?

Meet Zach, his parents locked him in a “straight camp” to cure him of his homosexuality.

Poor bugger.

Send him messages of support. And if you’re thinking about voting Destiny, this is the sort of parent-child communication you could be encouraging. Great eh?

Reminds me of a GREAT film I saw once But I’m A Cheerleader very funny film.


One response to “Howz about this kid?

  1. I always thought of “But I’m A Cheerleader!” as a comedy… after a while you forget that people actually do this to “their” children. I grew up in a heavily fundamentalist (they’re now a lot more relaxed) family and know from experience it can be truly awful to face this kind of shit.

    Great to see so many comments; he’ll be stoked when he gets out.

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