In case you’re wondering

Yes I did just make the font bigger again.

I was tired and couldn’t read it properly. And realised that when I go on big rants it’s probably easier for you pseudo people out there to read it if you’re not squinting.


11 responses to “In case you’re wondering

  1. I’m a pseudo-person? How does that work?

  2. Y’know, that whole talking to each other on the net when you could just as easily turn around and talk to the person sitting next to you ;o)


    I am sure you will like this k

  4. You did it just as much as I did. And you can’t deny it was fun.

  5. Of course, don’t do anything unless it’s fun!

  6. hey! you two, stop having fun without me =P

    damn fun havin psuedo people ruining everything again.

  7. Well, you could’ve been here too. It’s your own fault really…

    Hrm…I should stop being so friendly to the two of you. Someone could mistake me for a Green Party supporter 😉

  8. Well you do smell like a hippy!


    that feels better…

  10. Yeah, keep telling yourself that :o)

  11. I will, and eventually, I might even believe it.

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