The other side of the world gets it

The Independent (UK) has an article about the aid distribution efforts in tsunami affected regions.

I am appalled at the level of undelivered, committed funds and would really like to know how NZ is doing. I know we’re usually pretty good at delivering what we promise but in this situation, I would like to see us being a shining example.

For those who are interested in the latest in Aceh, it ain’t looking too good. The Indonesian Military has been clamping down hard on citizens and foreign aid workers. There have been many, many people, including children killed and kidnapped since December 26. And the surveillance on aid workers is pretty intense.

While the tsunami was a devastating blow to the people of Aceh it has also been a blow to the Indonesian Government because they’ve had to let people in to help. So now outsiders can see for themselves what’s been really going on. But the Government is definitely shutting it down now.

Even the Jakarta Post is running stories about how Indonesian legislators are concerned at the internationalisation of the issue. In other words, they don’t want the rest of the world to know what’s going on there.

It’s time people started to put some real pressure on the Indonesians to lay off the Acehnese people. But it is exceptionally difficult to do. But if the internationalisation of the issue is freaking them out, then let’s bloody well internationalise it.

Starting with our Foreign Affairs Minister email him now


2 responses to “The other side of the world gets it

  1. New Zealand has kept its promises; see here for the details.

  2. Thanks dude! Now we know our government is being on to it, let’s encourage the Minister to capitalise on our goodwill and pressure other governments to put their money where their mouth is.

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