Stop the Tour – join in the fun game

NRT has an excellent call for a sposor target action over the Zimbabwe tour. I have obliged and my letter which I sent to National Bank and Wellfit is pasted below. I will copy responses when/if they arrive. Feel free to steal.

Tena koe

Thank you for your sponsorship of the New Zealand Cricket team. Cricket is one of the few sports I enjoy watching and I commend your company’s commitment to supporting healthy, non-violent recreational sport which is enjoyed by many thousands of New Zealanders.

One other thing thousands of New Zealanders have an interest in is the plight of the people living in Zimbabwe under the Mugabe regime. Hundreds of thousands of people are being evicted from their homes and at least one young life has been tragically lost in the process. Many people are calling on the NZ Cricket team to boycott their tour in protest at this terrible situation but for many reasons – mostly financial – this tour is still going ahead.

This is an issue that should be of concern to your company as your brand will be associated with this tour and many of your customers will be unhappy that they will be indirectly supporting this tour.

You may not be aware but there has also been a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe and at least 14 people are now dead, hundreds are very ill. Homelessness is a major contributor to the spread of cholera. The people of this country deserve our solidarity.

Please send a message to New Zealand cricket that you do not want your logo associated with the cricket tour of Zimbabwe.

I look forward to reading your response.

Kindest regards



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