Jeanette on Independence from Oil, Aro Valley, Monday!

Fitzsimons on ‘Independence from Oil’ at Aro Valley meeting

Green Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons will speak on ‘Independence from Oil’ at a meeting in the Aro Valley in Wellington next Monday night.

“I will talk about a range of issues that will be affected by the big challenges of climate change and Peak Oil, including tourism, transport, air travel and power bills,” Ms Fitzsimons says.

“The single most important thing we must do to secure a sustainable future is to reduce our dependence on oil. We do have options. New Zealand can survive into the post-oil age better than most countries, but successive governments have chosen to ignore all the signs of oil depletion and climate change and the opportunities we have to plan for a better way of life.”

What: Jeanette Fitzsimons speaking on ‘Independence from Oil’

When: 7.30pm, Monday 4 July

Where: Aro Valley Community Centre, 48 Aro St, Wellington


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