On the G8

While we hear fuck all of what’s going on over there through our media, bar some stories skimming over the issues being dealt with inside the meeting rooms. There is some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING resistance going on over there. The police have naturally been out in full force, riot squad gears, abusing powers, specifically targetting clearly-marked medics and generally playing the role of state funded corporate security guards.

But the people continue to resist and question all the ‘inevitable’s’ that keep getting rammed down our throats. And the resistance is clever, imaginative, organised and informed. I particularly like the Clown Army and the video of the clowns scaring off the Police had me in stitches! Oh, I wish I was there…

But of all the images I’ve seen, I think this one captures the struggle. We are at a point in history where the state, corportaions, the media are on one side and the people are on another. And who’s standing up for the planet? Who’s standing up for the people with no voice? These protestors are. And they’re doing it with style and humour. They’re doing at while putting themselves at major personal risk. They’re doing it with hope for a better future for all who share this planet with us. And they’re doing it with the rest of us backing them up. This picture says all of that for me.

Photo by Kristian Buus, outside Gleneagles fortress where the people have no voice. More here


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