Firstly all my thoughts are with the people of London. This tragic event will change your city I do not doubt. Be strong, look out for each other and know our thoughts are with you. Any of my London based friends who read this, drop me an email to let me know you’re ok please.

But I have to say this: Learn from New York. The question is not who did it, but why did they did it. This is the most important lesson to learn if we are ever to win the ‘war on terror’ because if we don’t start to ask this question, the attacks will only continue, and continue, and there will be more and more retaliation.

Please learn this lesson everybody.

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the war on terror.


7 responses to “London

  1. Nice of you to speak for the hundreds of thousands of victims on the war on terror.

    Now how about you consider the millions of victims of actual terrorism.

  2. Ever thought of doing a blog on your dysfunctional head?

  3. Why did they do it? Because they’re brainwashed by a primitive, hateful, religious ideology. You lefties really need to be more discriminating with your bedfellows.

  4. One World One Planet One People

    Understanding the “why” regardless of if we agree or disagree with the reasons is truly the key to prevention. I can’t believe people just wake up one morning and decide to be evil. If we don’t stop this at the source, the root, we will always have angry men (and women) who act out their own hatred on the innocent. All of us are guilty by our inactions and selfishness (not voting, not caring, not learning about the world around us).

    Those who did this hope we will be angry enough to “bomb” them back–to keep perpetuating hatred.

    Let’s hope that Britian can improve on USA’s response to terror on their own soil by fighting fear with intellegence, not ignorance. Dialoge and understanding hopefully will prevail. Peace and Healing thoughts to all of us today as we cope and consider what has happened

  5. Freedom’s enemies have many faces, but one fundamental evil: hatred of the good for being the good. The lietmotif of nihilist hatred is a “radical rejection of the good, absolutely and in principle; rejection of what is good by any standard and by all standards, rejection of good as such. The emotional expression of nihilism is ‘hatred of the good for being the good.’ 1.

    “Good guys can’t believe nihilism. They can’t imagine that anyone could accept nihilism, let alone try to practice nihilism, let alone cultivate in himself a hatred of the good. The good guys’ naivete on this point is their main strategic weakness: how do you fight enemies you can’t even believe exist?”

    Hattip: NotPC.

  6. Ok, Mr Tiger.

    Would you agree that fundamentalist Islam is not nihilist? If you disagree, why?

    If fundamentalist Islam is nihilist, is fundamentalist Christian? If not, why not?

    If I remember rightly, it was fundamentalist Muslims, not nihilists, who crashed aeroplanes into the twin towers.

  7. Freedom’s enemies have many faces, but one fundamental evil: hatred of the good for being the good.

    “Freedom’s enemies”? Hatred of “the good”? These terms are largely interchangeable, depending which rhetoric you subscribe to.

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