Labour’s Student Support Policy

Well, I admit I’m impressed!

Labour has just announced their new Student Support policy and the main bit is that they will freeze interest on all student loans while people remain in the country from next year. They will also keep the fee caps in place.

So while I’m slightly annoyed as I will probably be leaving the country next year, I am still pleased to see Labour finally putting up some policy that will make a real difference. And you neevr know, it might even change my mind. I know they have done little bits of tinkering that have been useful and have certainly made a bit of difference but this is the first major change they have made that will affect lots of people.

Please also to see that they will be increasing parental income thresholds as they have called on to do for quite a long time now. That will mean less people having to borrow for living costs which is always a good thing.

And I must say, this is another reason to vote Green. The Greens have said that addressing the student loan issue is a big one for them and Labour is going to need support and encouragement to make this policy a priority of things to do after the election. The Greens will certainly give them that support and encouragement!

Which reminds me… have you signed the e card yet?


One response to “Labour’s Student Support Policy

  1. I agree – it’s a good start to tackling the student debt debacle (and certainly a lot better than Brash’s predictably lame proposal tinker to with tax breaks).

    Almost makes me wish I hadn’t paid mine off already!

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