Rt Hon Winston Peters: I now seek leave to table this document from Keith Locke, which shows, clearly, that the Government at the time was not in support of Pol Pot, at all, but was seeking to give aid to the Kampuchean people, despite the nature of the Pol Pot regime, which is something totally different from what he told you when he sought leave in the first place.

Madam Speaker: Leave is sought to table that document. Is there any objection? [Interruption]

Madam Speaker: Would the members both sit down. Leave has been sought to table a document.

Keith Locke: I am allowed to make a point of order.

Madam Speaker: Would you please be quiet.

Keith Locke: I am allowed to make a point of order.

Madam Speaker: No. Would you please sit down. I will put the original seeking of leave.

Leave granted.

Keith Locke: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I think it is wrong when a member seeks to table a document and misportrays the document that is to be tabled. This document clearly has David Thomson stating: “New Zealand’s continued recognition of the Pol Pot regime”-

Madam Speaker: That is not a point of order. If the member feels that another member has misled the House, there are other ways in which that matter can be addressed. I suggest that the member see me after the session.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I objected to the way you told us both to sit down.

Madam Speaker: Oh, I am terribly sorry-

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Well, you should be. You are there to do your job properly. The fact is that if a member is seeking leave, he is entitled to be on his feet and not be interrupted by somebody who is grossly out of order. Next time, Madam Chair-and I know that this Parliament has only a few days to go, but in the hope of improving Parliament before we rise-perhaps you could stick to what the Standing Orders and prior Speakers’ rulings state and not be so abrupt when some other party is at fault. That member should have been stopped in his tracks from the very moment he got to his feet.

Madam Speaker: I thank the member, but I was making my ruling. I did not need any further contribution to the debate. Can we please return to questions.

Anyone else glad that this term of Parliament is nearly over?


2 responses to “*sigh*

  1. yes, but I did actually find some parts of that exchange funny! Second that *sigh* though. People with no interest in the truth….

  2. Oh, thank god it’s over…

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