Support the Strike

Support the Strike
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Today I went up to Vic to join in on the education protest. Although I admit I struggled to find any evidence of student protest there was certainly staff protests going on. I joined in for a while and followed them through the Hunter Building (including a lecture, much to the amusement of students). And then saw them later when they joined students in the Quad to listen to the rather *interesting* band.

The staff actions have been rather interesting, and in particular the reaction from students. Jeremy’s latest President column being a good example. For a long time now students have always backed staff in their actions and that support has not always been reciprocated. Of course it is in the interests of students to have well paid, quality staff. But it is also in the staff’s interest to have awake, well fed, attentive and respectful students. It’s a mutual thang ;o)

But as students at Victoria and Lincoln among others are finding, these relationships are getting tested when it’s the students who are constantly being punished by staff actions. University staff need to use a bit of imagination and perhaps engage in some protest action which isn’t so traditional. (Marches are like so 1970s!).

In saying that I am still 100% behind our university staff, most of them do wonderful jobs and work ridiculous hours for crap pay. But they do it for the love of it and some of the most inspirational people in my life so far were some of my university lecturers.

In solidarity.


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