You really shouldn’t fuck with me

Hey for all of you who missed peterquixote’s little spazz attack on the comments. I have reproduced them in full below. For your entertainment. Really couldn’t have all the fun myself.

while we at it parrot, read yo pathetic little girlfriend snootu nosed wehelpling that if she can’t write english don’t shove you drivel at anyoner else, suck, schoolgirl pansy qween you get eaten by dog

hewy weakling what you call it when a isdlam get six bullets in head on train,good shot

poor little parrot, weakling I make enough money in five years writing to say what i like sickling, you know who i am call any day, wear you frilly knickers lesbian sickling, difference beytween me and you millions and millions and always will be weakly one, patsy, suck girl

hey pansy you one of the few that don’t know this a multicultural country pansy,
talk tereo all you like yous exstinct, topugh pansy, go to special giurls school, learn prejudice and
priviledge, pansy doll, wear yo good knickesr leadbian

watch to readersdhip go up lesbian when i post lesbian man hater, you know mw and i know you, who you think win leswbian, racist man suck hard parrot dont bite
dont they teach you anything at basjket weave

Damn I love intelligent, articulate debate!!


3 responses to “You really shouldn’t fuck with me

  1. my word, he is quite bizarre.

    i assume he usually has someone type out his writing, as his keyboard skills are quite atrocious. i wonder what these books are that he reckons make him rich? clearly not anything about race relations or homophobia (i hope).

    kia kaha kakariki 🙂

  2. Jesus, this bloke’s funny… I reckon he might be related (via several generations of inbreeding) to a ‘bloke’ called Spooks who is regularly (piss-your-pants-but-unintentionally) hilarious on Michael Wood’s blog –

    Peter… If you’re reading this, you are a whacker.

    I admire your patience in trying to engage with this single-celled life form on a logical basis, Kakariki….

  3. Thanks. I was patient but then he crossed the line. I gave him the opportunity to apologise and he didn’t take it. Pity. I don’t mind engging in constructive debate. I do mind people throwing around offensive comments just because they don’t have anything constructive to say.

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