No more Holmes

Apparently there are a couple of people left out there who watch Holmes (0.5% of us apparently)? Well, tonight’s your last opportunity. Prime is canning the show. Paul Holmes will be kept on as newspresenter but no more current affairs.

I am stiffling laughter but it is hard.


5 responses to “No more Holmes

  1. Tonights 3 News coverage of Holmes’ axing was pretty smug.
    Shots of planting trees, dogs eating from bowls, and statements from a media commentator that people wanted information not personality.
    Made for pretty entertaining viewing actually.

  2. a part of me feels sorry for the bigoted old bastard.

    (the rest of me is pelting that part with small pointy stones)

  3. How do you stiffle someone? It sounds a bit, rude?

  4. Yes stiffling is rude. Find an adult you trust and ask them to explain it to you ;o)

  5. The cheeky whitey deserves no better. That sound you can hear is a gargantuan ego crashing to earth…

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