10, no make that 11, things I like

I’m now going to indulge in a moment of positivity

1. Fake Jewish fables
2. The Feminist Conspiracy in action
3. Stupid Nazi kids going down for DUMB ASS SHIT
4. Midnight getting lolly cake, oh yes, lolly cake :o)
5. Elections – yes I know I’m sick, but they are fun.
6. Asher – cause he said that if I didn’t put him here, he’d stop being my friend
7. Gigs at the Cake Shop
8. The West Coast
9. Hot Lemon and Honey drinks
10. All Blacks dealing with homophobia (That doesn’t mean I like rugby, for the record)
11. Celebrating great protests


5 responses to “10, no make that 11, things I like

  1. I never said that!
    It’s true…but I never said it.

  2. What about me? It better be a top 11 next time I look, or else!

  3. Face it – you’re just not cool enough!

    Cheers! To me!

    (Ah, the benefits of online discussions with someone you’re sitting next to. Much easier to toast to something!)

  4. Damn you, filthy hippy!

  5. I ain’t no hippie! Been there, done that…

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