What the Sam Hill is going on?

It appears that United Future has lost the plot. Not sure what’s going on but for a sensible common-sense party, they are getting rather loopy.

First of all Mr Dunne delivered a speech to the Wellington Rotary club today claiming that it’s all doom and gloom with a Green/Labour or NZ First/Labour coalition. In this speech he claims:

He said if a Labour/Greens coalition comes to power:

– No new roads will be built, with gridlock in Auckland and Wellington crippling those cities and the regional economies.
– Cannabis will be legalised and pseudo methamphetamine or “P” downgraded as a serious drug.
– There will be even more social engineering and politically correct social legislation.
– New taxes will be introduced on foods considered to be unhealthy.
– Nandor Tanczos will sit in Cabinet as Attorney-General.

– If a National/New Zealand First takes office, Mr Dunne said:
– Tax cuts will be gone by lunchtime.
– Immigration will be based on the colour of a person’s skin, rather than the skills and qualifications they possess.
– There will be racial tension and social division.
– The government will be paralysed by divisions over its leadership.
– There will be an election in 18 months.

Now I have to say he’s probably reasonably accurate with the NZ First predictions that it would be unstable but I bet Labour wouldn’t let it go as far as the first few points.

But as for his rant about the Greens, sure there might not be any more roads built in Auckland or Wellington but there will be a massive investment in public transport which WILL deal with congestion issues in the long run. Then he claims (again) that the Greens will legalise cannabis even though it isn’t Green policy and it is far from what Nandor has been proposeing in his Private Members Bill which incidentally, isn’t too different to what the United Future Party submission to the Health Select Committee Inquiry into Cannabis said. And as for downgrading “pseudo methamphetamine” what the hell is he on about? It isn’t even a drug!!

And I for one am amused that he thinks Nandor will be AG. If anyone from the Greens is going to get that position it would be likely to be Metiria since she has a law background. But as a Green I’m flattered to think he wants to promote us into high-ranked cabinet posts. But Jeanette for Minister of Energy will be fine thanks.

Then it gets better.

United Future launched their Health Policy today. Frog has the details. The cute bit is that it’s the same as the Green policy launched yesterday!

Then it gets even better.

Paul Adams is announcing today that he is not running as a United Future candidate. Instead he will be running as an independent. It is expected that his daughter, Sheree Adms will follow the same path. Mr Adams is expected to make an announcement about it all this afternoon. Rumours are abound of course, the lead rumour that he is disgruntled by the Outdoor Wreckreation hijacking of the party list and the drop in prioritisation of ‘Christian values’ by United Future. But we shall see what comes out this afternoon.

And for those that are wondering Sam Hill was a champion of roads. He he.


4 responses to “What the Sam Hill is going on?

  1. Yeah, damn that 3%! We’ll stamp them out!!

  2. It often surprises me when he says such patently ridicious things and the media doesn’t call him up on it. By merely saying commonsense he seems to get an easy ride.

    With asset sales being a key subject under discussion in the recent TV debate I was annoyed Dunne was allowed to avoid answering this question, when his stated asset sales policy is worse than national’s!

  3. Yes, he was rather quiet on that one wasn’t he.

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