Is that actually any better?

Is that actually any better?
Originally uploaded by kakariki.

So ACT change their billboard to meet their obligations under the Electoral Act. But really? Is it any different? I think the only difference is that it makes them look even more desperate than they already were…

Photo credit Cameron Burnell


5 responses to “Is that actually any better?

  1. yo parrot, see you want to kill peoples and infiltrate, that OK you come across to fascists,
    ACT desperate, correct, we have the future of NZ floating down socilaist drain,

    Billboard change pathetic, correct,

  2. I was thinking the same thing.

  3. As an aside, I notice that Hell Pizza have replaced their infamous Dubya billboard with a less controversial one (although “Pizza Slut” might disagree!). I wonder whether the change was forced on them?

  4. There was another dodgy election poster that appeared yesterday and disappeared almost as quickly: see this picture. Quite funny, though.

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