UFOs vs reality

At bfm you can find Russell Brown interviewing Nandor and Dr Richard Goode on drug policy. Rather entertaining interview.

This was of course, in response to UFO’s spack-out earlier this week about what sort of unpredicatibility we will be getting ourselves into if the Greens are in power. This is of course opposed to the continuing sense of Peter and his posse, who insist on talking about fictional drugs and contradicting themselves. Seriously, what are they on?

Peter Dunne wants to make cannabis a bottom line in this election. He is ignoring all evidence including his own submissions to parliament in defending prohibition as a workable policy. Sure, that’s why we have the highest youth cannabis use rates in the western world even though we have the second highest rate of enforcement?

Dr Fred Fastier, a pharmacologist who was heavily involved in the creation of the Misuse of Drugs Act said it will either work, or fail badly, and we must ensure the legislation is reviewed. Well, it failed badly, and we still haven’t had a decent review of the Act. And it’s about time we did.


2 responses to “UFOs vs reality

  1. hmm, yer being a bit cryptic when you point out that Dunne has attacked a fictional drug, but then link to their campaign launch – it’s a bit difficult to find the reference in the document,

    “Imagine a Labour/Greens coalition:
    * Cannabis will be legalised and pseudo methamphetamine or “P” downgraded as a serious drug.

    He referred to this “scourge” elsewhere, but now I can’t find anything on the web, the only other hit on Google is to a Libertarianz PR mocking Dunhill’s lack of knowledge.

    Interestingly a Greens/NORML activist who we both know, emailed Dunhill asking him for more information on this drug, saying he hadn’t heard of it. Dunhill replied saying “I was referring to P, and here’s some information about it from the police” and attached a police information document about P.

    Maybe someone needs to point out to him that P doesn’t stand for psuedo.

    cheers Stuey

  2. oh and t’other hit on google is to hard news pointing out Dunhill’s mistake:


    and frogblog pointing it out:

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