Remember the War?

A whole lot of people I’ve been talking to recently seem to have forgotten that the USA is still wagin an illegal war in Iraq. Sorry folks, it’s still going on. Thousands of Iraqi people are still dying because a certain global superpower has an insatiable appetite for oil.

But awesome to see the protest movement having another swell at the moment around Cindy, a mother who wants to talk to Bush about her son dying in Iraq. The photo above was from one of the many protests across the US and the world. It’s from this awesome photo set at Dee’s Dotes.

Ask yourself, how much oil have I used today? And even better for those of you who hate to recycle plastic, how much oil have you thrown in the ground today?


4 responses to “Remember the War?

  1. “a certain global superpower has an insatiable appetite for oil.”

    And the Superpower with an insatiable appetite for oil.



  2. Yeah but they’re not bombing the hell out of other nations to get it. Oppressing their own people, sure. But creating global unrest, I’m not convinced.

  3. Well, actually the U.S. still uses more in absolute and relative terms than China.

    Our appetite is insatiable as the rest, we use a heap more per capita than China too.

    The point remains true though, if China or any other large nation reaches US levels, we’re all in more trouble…

  4. for the record, Chinese per capita consumption of oil is just over a 15th of the average consumption of that of the US.

    The US and NZ average just over 1 car for every two inhabitants. In China it’s one for every 70. If that figure increases….

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