What a wimp

I am absolutely horrified at Don’s pathetic justification of his performance on the Leaders Debate last night. I mean, c’mon! What century is he living in? He restrained himself because Helen is a woman?

What I am wondering is what he actually hopes to achieve by this statement. Hypotheses as follows:

1) He genuinely thought that people would respect him if he showed tolerance towards women being in positions of power.

Possible, he does seem to have Montgomery Burns type attitudes towards gender. Although if he thought that this would be a good strategy then it shows how out of touch he is with the electorate.

2) He was so embarrased by his performance he thought it would be a good excuse.

More likely and shows his complete political naievity. If you don’t think you performed too well, keep your mouth shut. Don’t try and justify yourself, EVER. Especially if you want to be a National Party Prime Minister.

3. He actually meant it. And he actually decided to be nice to her because she’s a woman.

Highly unlikely cause that would have come out as an excuse earlier. And if he did actually mean it I think he’s going to have some serious issues trying to convince even National Party women that he’s worth having a conversation with ever again.

But really, I can’t figure it out logically. I think he’s just stupid.

I see this as another example of the electorate to see just how backwards in his thinking this man actually is. No way in hell would I want him as PM. Three years of him bumblibng about the world trying to represent this nation? Stuff that, I’d rather have George Bush.


3 responses to “What a wimp

  1. I’m not sure I agree with that last sentence! I think I’d rather have a wuss than a demon…

    Apart from that, I think your conclusion might be spot on – I think Brash is pretty stupid, or at least stupid under pressure… and, as PM, when aren’t you under pressure?

    So it’s good to finally learn something from a leader’s debate!

  2. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oooh yuck. Who invited John Carter onto this blog?

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